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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it helpful to have most of your cash in pesos?

Yes, you’ll only use pesos in the central Yucatan area…. only place you might use dollars is in tourism areas closer to Cancun. You can easily get pesos from an ATM at airport, or order them from your bank a few weeks in advance of when you leave.Make sure your ATM card has a travel notice before you leave the US.

Do they have lots of yoga mats or would it be helpful to bring our own?

They have some….but yes, it’s worthwhile to bring your own.¬† They may be getting some new ones soon bc the current ones are a bit worn….so yes, bring yours if it’s not too much trouble.

Do they provide towels/washcloths or should we pack some?

You get one towel per person in your room. The have a staff (3 ladies) who make up rooms and launder towels/sheets/change sheets every 3-4 days. No washcloths so ya, bring if you need

Is there a little market/store nearby? Like bike riding distance?

There are several little “corner shops” in the village run by families….they have somethings like chips, beans, cookies, some basic things…they are walking distance. The kids will teach them how to go buy things (if you allow them some pesos) in no time!

Are there activities everyday or down time?

There are both….I’ll try and send you a photo of one of our weekly schedules….it’s on the wall of the cafe. Each Saturday we all meet together and discuss the schedule for the upcoming week and I put it on the wall for all to see. There will be a couple activities where we take cars out of town and others where we just walk to a Mayan family’s home. Some days we’ll just do an activity in house.

Also, there are consistent daily activities….3 meal times, Spanish class after breakfast, morning yoga, pre-lunch workouts, evening meditation, afternoon Spanish for kids, Friday night bonfires, Saturday clean up and movie night for kids while adults meet….lots of stuff like that. Sunday is a free day. We usually do 1 cenote each week and one other outing.

Outside of these things, usually 1 main planned thing a day and the skeleton schedule (your choice to attend) then there is free time…

Can we drink tap water?

No, tap water is not safe to drink but we provide filtered water.

Do you provide airport pickup?

Yes we do provide airport pickup but there is a fee associated with it. Contact us to see the current rate.

How long does it take to adjust to your community life?

Expect it to take a few days to adjust to life here. It’s different being rural, depending on others for food that’s not your norm and getting comfortable with the schedule. Feel like every one just needs a few days.

Do you provide laundry service?

Laudry is offered once a week to every family staying here. If you want laundry done faster, you can but there will be additionnal fees.