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Dia de los Muertos is a traditional Mexican celebration that is believed to invite the spirits of ancestors who have passed on to come back and visit. Family members pay tribute to their ancestors by creating an ofrenda somewhere in their home. These ofrendas are basically an altar or shrine that includes the dead family member’s picture and their favorite things such as food and personal items. An ofrenda is a tradition that most if not all Mexican families participate in for Dia de los Muertos because it is said to help guide their ancestor’s spirits home.

Not a spooky holiday!

This holiday is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd annually. Dia de los Muertos translates to mean “day of the dead” but it is anything but a somber occasion. It is literally a celebration of the lives of family members who have died. It focuses on the religious belief that life continues on even after we are no longer physically here on earth. Families will often clean up the gravesite of their ancestors and bring bouquets of flowers and various foods and drinks to set near the headstones in honor of that family member. 

Did you know?

Ofrendas can be elaborate or simple depending on the family and what they choose to include. However, in most instances, they will at least include candles, brightly colored flowers and pan de muerto (a slightly sweet bread specifically made for this time).

Fun fact

The cemetery seen in the Pixar movie Coco is visually very similar to, and was probbly inspired by the cemetery in San Andrés Mixquic, where the Alumbrada is held.

San Andrés Mixquic

Check out this video if you want to know about the history of this holiday!

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