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It takes a village to….

Find your village at Anahata!

We believe this to be key to raising resilient, compassionate and engaged kids. We welcome families from all walks of life. 

Worldschoolers from around the globe will find Anahata to be the home away from home they’ve been looking for.


Who we are?

We welcome families into our co-living community so that they might be inspired and empowered to build lives of fulfillment for themselves full of community, love, learning, health, culture and adventure.

Anahata, the heart chakra, is our inspiration to create deep, fulfilling lives, full of compassion, learning, community and freedom. 

Anahata is community. Anahata is learning. Anahata is depth. Anahata is fulfillment

We Value


A community is a group of people with shared values, goals and interests strong enough to bind them together in empathy and cooperation. A true community is not simply individuals living in proximity by chance, but people choosing to create interdependency for mutual benefit and fulfillment. We support our community.


Children learn when they are free to pursue their interests, when they are inspired to find interest in the things they see, when they are guided by peers and elders to deepen their learning. It’s just as important for adults to continue learning under these conditions. We support each other to learn.


We go deep, into spirit, into conversation, into culture, into relationships. We’re not afraid to get beneath the surface, look each other in the eyes and really talk, really listen. Meditation, yoga, prayer, conversation, cultural immersion, are all tools we may employ to stay at depth and presence in the here and now. We support each other to live life deeply.


Higher fulfillment comes from within, but can only be accessed when one’s basic needs are met. We create lives of physical health through wholesome nutrition,
holistic healing and emotional support. We believe in creating lives of financial independence through intentional design of lifestyle expenses and income — lives that leave space, time and freedom to achieve higher fulfillment. We support each other to reach fulfillment.

A Day in the Life

Our typical day follows a schedule that allows families to establish and develop their own natural rhythms within the community. The schedule is co-created each program according to what families want to offer.



“Anahata has been a life altering experience in the most unexpected ways. It has been truly wonderful and exhilerating to experience a sense of community while absorbing so much culture. We can’t wait to come back!”


Homeschooler, USA

“As a single parent, it is sometime hard to have a bit of time for ourselves. Within our first few days at Anahata, my kids felt at home and became quickly independant. I got some ‘me time’ and most importantly, met some amazing families. Anahata is a very special place where deep connection happens super fast and anytime a family leaves, it is a bit emotional.


Single parent, Canada

“Anahata has been a magical experience for me. It’s a warm and welcoming environment conducive to creating lifelong friendships born of authentic relationships developed within its site and the village of Ek Balam.”


Grand mother, USA